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My photos now are sold as digigraphy prints. The man who makes and sells them all over the world does great job. I even find them better then any handmade baryt prints I did before in my wet darkroom.

Here is the link… to the Epson digigraphy site and my gallery

Site 1…
Site 2
I, sometimes get print requests send by deviantart. As I said in one of my older journals my wish is to make the prints myself.
I still prefer the quality of handmade baryt print to, even a very good, ink jet print.
Don't get me wrong, the ink jet technic has become really impressive even for b/w photos and I have a friend who did some samples for me.
Framed on a wall I guess we hardly knew which one is which but just hold a real baryt print in one hand and in the other one of those new ink jet "baryt" papers.......You'll FEEL the difference.

You can also ask equivoque for the quality as she should get her print this week.

For further questions, my mail is